About DE-Valves A/S

The company which is called DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S founded in 1974 when the founder of the company Mr. Jørgen Ib decided to develop and start up production of welded ball valves in the city Glamsbjerg. Name of the company then was JIP Kugleventiler (JIP Ball Valves). At that time Mr. Jørgen Ib saw an increasing need for shut-off valves for district heating systems, as a result of the energy crisis in the earlier 70ties.

During the years the product range was developed and extended, and space in the first factory got to limited. Therefore a larger production facility was built at our current address at Bodebjergvej in Køng (near Glamsbjerg) in year 1986.

In 1991 JIP Kugleventiler is sold to the Danish pump manufacture “Svanehøj International” and only a few years after Svanehøj International is acquired by a large English group.

Production and product range is being further developed during the 90ties. In year 2001 company Danfoss A/S buys JIP Kugleventiler and continues sales and production of the valves – now under the brand name Danfoss ball valves Type JIP.

Danfoss increases the activities within this segment and opens production facilities in Russia, Poland, and China. The production site in Glamsbjerg, Denmark remains lead plant and development center for the production sites worldwide.

In November 2014 Danfoss announces that they do not want to continue production of ball valves for pre-insulation and underground installation, and consequently will close their production site in Denmark.

The new owners, initiate dialogue with Danfoss on possible acquisition of the factory and product design, and 2nd June 2015 agreement is signed.

Already in August same year the first valves for pre-insulation are being shipped from the new company “DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S”.

Today DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S is a 100% Danish owned production company, in which the employees have got approx. 200 years of experience in total within development, production, and sales of fully welded ball valves for district heating and district cooling.

Product range now includes valves from DN20 to DN600.




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Key values

• Flexible, quick and reliable
• Focus on the customer
• Highly felxible production and employees with many           years of experience
• Never compromise with the quality


  • We offer customer-specific solutions -height, length and connections
  • Contact us for a quick solution regarding wiring, missing deliveries and special solutions

Flexibility and experience

We are known for a very flexible production and high experience among our employees.


We will never compromise with quality. The design and choice of materials with lifelong lifespan – our designs ensure that all parts outside the insulation is made of non-corrodible materials (acid-resistant steel AISI 316) And carbon reinforced PTFE gasket material.



Our vision

Our vision is simple: We will provide you with the best service. The most important thing for us is that you get the maximum benefit from our sparring and are fully satisfied with the whole process from the first call to the final result.

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