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DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S is manufacturing and offering wide range of fully welded steel ball valves from DN20 to DN600. The valves are specially designed for pre-insulation and pipe systems in connection with district heating and district cooling.

Our valves are designed, produced, and tested acc. to EN488:2015.

The product range includes fully welded ball valves in below dimensions:

– DN20 – DN600 with reduced bore
– DN25 – DN400 with full bore
– Service valves/ Air vents DN20 – DN100
– Accessories

Ball valves from DE Valves are flow-optimized in order to minimize the pressure drop over the valves – and thereby reduce the operating costs in the network (as well as reduce emission of CO2) in the entire lifetime of the system.

At DE Valves we never compromise on quality and consequently we use acid proof steel (AlSl 316) e.g. the valves spindles and bodies of our service valves – this in order to obtain and secure best possible robustness and long product lifetime even under extreme conditions.

Further to our standard products, included in our product datasheet, we also offer special valves such as valves with customer specified stem heights and/or build-in-lengths.

In addition, we are always open for dialogue concerning other special products and/or solutions.

DE Valves;

·        Low pressure drop – Long lifetime – Made in Denmark!

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