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Short time of delivery.

Flexible, fast and reliable.

Easy to do business with.

Flexibility and experience

We ensure high demands on product quality.

100 % final inspection.




We have knowledge of the latest technology in the market.

The management and employee have a total of about 200 years experince in developing, manufactuting and selling ball valves for district heating.




Isoplus A/S

Isoplus Fjernvarmeteknik A/S in the city of Middelfart, Denmark, is an important customer and partner for us, and we have good cooperation with Isoplus at all levels. This means that the organization of Isoplus have extensive knowledge of our product range and flexible approach to getting tasks completed – why we have regular deliveries to Isoplus of both standard valves, as well as special valves, with e.g. special stem heights.

Photo: Isoplus Fjernvarmeteknik A/S

FJERNVARME FYN A/S (District heating Funen)

Since our start of DE Valves, we have continuously supplied a substantial amount of ball valves to District Heating Funen. Deliveries of valves include valves with hex operation and and valves with worm & bevel gear. The valves are delivered to District Heating Funen via company LOGSTOR A/S. The below picture shows installation of DN500-valves in Odense – June 2016

Photo: Østergaard Entreprise



We have good cooperation with the company Salling Plast, where we either have direct contact with Salling Plast, or where the valves are delivered to Salling Plast via supplier of pre-insulated pipes for district heating. Below example of valves pre-insulated by Salling Plast.

Photo: Salling Plast AS

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